What do Manchester United Want This Season?

It is hard to be understood that Manchester United lost their home game to Everton and it has made the gap to Arsenal becoming 12 points. Remarkably, David Moyes was Everton’s former manager.

Moreover, the squad playing was in the quality that has been in such of worries for the fans at Old Strafford.

Everton did not win any away games against Manchester United over one decade under the current boss of the Reds. In the last 21 years, Everton did not win at all over at home ground of Manchester United. However, under manager Roberto Martinez, everything has been changed. The mentality changes is presently seen.

Besides, unlucky in football is normally heard. Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney as well as Kevin Mirallas played such performances. In general, the old Manchester United’s playing performance is not existing right now.

Mind games by old Scot, Sir Alex Ferguson is not here any longer. Psychological power is not around. It has made Everton felt more confident to make it happen. However, the Red players have be aware of it.

Another thing to be considered, many doubts are being raised whether the appointment of David Moyes at Old Stafford is the right thing. It was early to judge but it is not an easy situation for the boss.

Moyes never won any titles for Everton but also never dropped down to any level of English football. Furthermore, Sir Alex Ferguson was the man who chose Moyes. While it takes time for him, people already says about taking out him of the club as the manager.

In short, for long-term purpose, choosing Moyes is a good selection. However, the expectation is another point as Manchester United manager from fans. At least a seat for UEFA Champion League Qualification next year should be appreciated in the top 4. While the Gunners has been leading 12 points, it is hard to imagine any miracle happen for the Red to become the title of English Premier League this year.

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