Jose Mourinho’ Anger – Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea

José Mourinho rounded on Jan Vertonghen for his part in Fernando Torres’s controversial sending-off at White Hart Lane, effectively accusing the Tottenham Hotspur defender of cheating and “killing the show for millions of people”.

The Chelsea manager had seen his team recover from a disappointing first-half performance to level at 1-1 through John Terry and come to look like the most obvious winners in what was a pulsating derby.

But Torres’ 81st minute dismissal for a second yellow card led to the initiative transferring back to Tottenham and left Mourinho to advance the claim that his team would have won with 11 men. The game ended 1-1.

Torres had been booked in the 51st minute for scratching Vertonghen’s face but the second yellow card was harsh. He made nothing more than minimal contract with Vertonghen in an aerial challenge, despite leading with his arm.

Mourinho was furious at how Vertonghen went down and he went further when he said that the Belgium international should not even have been able to influence the game.

He pointed to Tottenham’s Capital One Cup win at Aston Villa last Tuesday when Vertonghen had pulled down Nicklas Helenius’s shorts as the striker went through on goal in the penalty area. Mourinho said that Vertonghen should have been sent off and suspended. The referee ruled that there was no infringement.

“He’s a special guy because three days ago he left the Aston Villa striker naked – and it was not a penalty or a yellow card,” Mourinho said. “He shouldn’t have been playing this game. Vertonghen should have been suspended with a red card from playing Aston Villa. Go to YouTube. It’s top of the ridiculous situations in football – the boy was naked. Today, he changed the game. I’m not happy. If I am the committee [on any retrospective action], I give three matches to this guy [Vertonghen]. I say: ‘Don’t do that again. Don’t kill the show. It’s a show for millions of people and you kill the show because you want to be clever.’

“Even before I arrived in this country I knew what the game is and the principles you have to play to. When I first arrived here in 2004, I had a couple of players from other countries that I had to educate.

“England is England and things you do in other countries, when people say: ‘The guy is very intelligent, he pretends it’s a penalty or a red card; in some countries people say this guy is amazing. Not in England. That’s why I don’t think the ref is not guilty.

“The ref made the wrong decision but he trusted the player and when you see a player with hands in his face and pretending there was a violent action the normal tendency is to follow and make the decision. It was a bad decision from the ref but in a situation where the player was not helping the referee.”

André Villas-Boas, the Tottenham manager, said that the sending-off was “dubious” and Mourinho poured out his frustration. Torres was otherwise outstanding in the second half. Villas-Boas said that the draw was the fair result.

“We would have won with 11 men,” Mourinho said. “Football is football and sometimes things happen. Not one person in the second half didn’t think we weren’t much better. They were in trouble. Fernando was playing very well.

“The referee had good intentions during the game and he gave the yellow card to [Andros] Townsend for diving. But in that situation, it looked like the boy [Vertonghen] would have to go to hospital with a broken bone. And you see the TV and there is nothing.

“The earlier [scratching] incident with Fernando doesn’t look good but it looks worse when a player pretends he is injured. I think for me, that’s the worst thing. In the heat of the game, a player can have a bad action but to push the referee for a bad decision is the thing I really don’t like. I am not English but I love this football country and this league and one of the things that people respect a lot in other countries is the fair play here.”

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